Thais Oliveira Martins

Thais Oliveira Martins

Practice Areas

Consumer, Litigation and Conflict Resolution.


Phone number: +55 11 3847-3943


Ms. Martins focuses on the development of preventive consultancy, which enables the collection of statistical data, allowing for the appropriation of costs and development of effective means for the identification and solution of internal problems, which result in administrative and judicial complaints for companies.

Preparation of operational manuals and guidance on specific issues before consumer protection agencies, besides the monitoring of administrative and judicial proceedings involving complaints and claims for compensation by consumers.


Análise Advocacia – One of the most admired lawyers in Brazil (2015 to 2020).

Análise Advocacia Mulher – One of the most admired lawyers in Brazil (2021).

Educational Background

Graduated in Law from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas – FMU.

Post-graduated in Civil Responsibility from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV/SP.

Other Activities

Expertise to assist in the organization in order to minimize business risks and assist in the daily management of internal legal departments, standardizing routines, simplifying procedures and developing effective management reports by setting and compensating goals, for the purposes and policies of agreements aimed at reducing the quantity of legal cases.

Judicial representation in cases related to the leasing of buildings, for example, in renovation, eviction and revisional lawsuits among others.


Portuguese and English.
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