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Sobre o Leite, Tosto e Barros

Administrative Structure

The firm has a well-structed administrative department, which provides complete support for operations. The structure includes the following areas: Administrative, Library, Controlling, Marketing, Human Resources, and Technology.
With over 200 employees, among legal and back office areas, committed to meeting our clients’ daily needs.

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Legal Controlling

The firm has a legal controlling department, composed of trained specialists who ensure the registration of new legal claims and constant monitoring of procedural communications. They also handle the effective compliance with deadlines, through an established workflow in a BPM platform, integrated with publications providers, electronic notifications, and process management system.

On average, the department handles approximately 1,194 new legal claims, 935 hearings, 16,267 publications, and 10,229 deadlines each month.


Leite, Tosto e Barros is committed to maintaining a strong connection with technological advancements, continually updating and improving the management applications and programs directed to the legal area.

We have a team of senior IT professionals responsible for the implementation, management, training, and supervision of all the systems to ensure effective results for our employees and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

The security of Information and compliance with LGPD are also among our priorities, thus guaranteeing constant protection for all internal data and documentation.

Library and Information Management

At Leite, Tosto e Barros’ library users have access to a variety of legal books that can be accessed through online consultations, as well as a digital collection of e-books.

We also offer a daily clipping where the legal team receives market news, court decisions and the latest regulatory updates from the country, accessing new proposals at the national, state, or municipal level. This information is incorporated into an informational portal and can be consulted in real time according to a specific topic.

With that, we are able to convert data into sources of legal information with the purpose of supporting strategic decision-making and guiding our clients in accordance with their needs.

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Leite, Tosto e Barros


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