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“Despite the effect of the recession which has devastated many economies,

Brazil has remained attractive to foreign investment as its stable and reliable economy suffered less from the crisis. The economy is rapidly advancing and growing stronger each day. In 2009, during the economic downturn, its powerful development was evident and since millions have risen from poverty to a new middle class, having more cash to spend and creating a new trend to invest in it, thus the banking and finance sector were not so adversely affected.

Although many investment advantages exist there are still some key legal challenges associated with investment and acquisition in Brazil. For example, the investment structure for tax planning purposes can be a significant challenge.

However, prestigious firm Leite Tosto e Barros creativity and experience have allowed them to develop investment structures for acquisitions which reduce costs and taxes.

Leite, Tosto e Barros is a full service law firm with headquarters in São Paulo and branch offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília.  The firm, which houses over 120 lawyers, is one of the 10 largest in Brazil and has one of the largest dispute resolution practices in the country. Leite, Tosto e Barros serves a wide range of clients: small, midsized and large, private and public, Brazilian and international companies including some of the largest Brazilian and multinational corporations. The firm is particularly prominent in the financial and energy sectors. Leite, Tosto e Barros has been listed as a leading law firm in several highly respected international publications, including Chambers and Partners, Latin Lawyer 250 and Who’s Who Legal. The firm has been included in Análise Advocacia’s list of The

Most Admired Law Firms in Brazil for four consecutive years.

Ricardo Tosto and Charles Gruenberg, partners at Leite, Tosto e

Barros described merits of the service that the firm offers:

“Our firm offers our clients cost effectiveness and great service, which brings great results. Our litigation capabilities and expertise allow us to be very strong and creative in the defense of our clients’ interests. An example of a case of success in this area was our successful restructuring of a credit of more than 30 million Dollars, owed by Brazilian debtors to a South Africa bank, which we accomplished in less than one year.”

Ricardo Tosto worked his way through the most experienced corporate litigation law firms before establishing his own firm as one of the largest in Brazil. Mr. Tosto has provided legal services to well know Brazilian corporations and multi-nationals, politicians and public personalities. Mr. Tosto plays and instrumental role in the development of relevant economic laws in Brazil and has pioneered the adoption of several legal mechanisms which are now commonly used tools in the industry.

Charles Gruenberg practices in the banking, civil and commercial areas, with focus on litigation. Mr. Gruenberg makes use of strategy and creativity in order to abridge the judicial recovery of credit to large and medium sized banks, he also works with considerable negotiations of several agreements with many debtors’ creditors.”

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