Brazilian Government moves the infrastructure sectors with the Investment Partnership Program

09th August, 2017

The Investment Partnership Program (“PPI”) created by the Brazilian Government to strengthen the coordination of the infrastructure investment policies in Brazil has been acting to give priority to implement projects by means of privatizations and public private concessions and partnerships and to attract investors to the country.

The list composed of 89 undertakings has already had 49 projects auctioned, including renewals, extensions in advance and the privatization of Celg D (Goiás). The estimated investments agreed in the auctions are over the sum of R$ 23 billion, considering that some grants in the amount of R$ 6 billion had been delivered.

For the second semester, the PPI promises to move Brazil’s economy even more. For oil and gas sector, the 2nd Round of Production Sharing and the 14th Round of Bids for Exploratory Blocks are scheduled for October 27, 2017 and September 27, 2017, respectively.

In port sector, the invitations to bid of the Vehicle Terminal at the Port of Paranaguá PAR 12 and PAR 01 are estimated to be launched on November 20, 2017 jointly with the invitation to bid of the General Cargo Terminal at the Port of Itaqui/MA (IQI 18).

As to highways, the bid for BR 364/365 is scheduled for the second semester of 2017, which may operate around R$ 2 million in investments, while the invitation to bid of the Integração do Sul Highway (“RIS”) may be issued in December 2017 after being submitted to a public consultation during three months.

In December 2017, the PPI also promises some advances in railway sector. The North-South Railway that crosses Brazil will have its invitation to bid launched in December 2017, which may operate over R$ 2 billion in investments. Ferrogrão (EF-170) will have a public consultation opened in September, with investments estimated at R$ 12,6 million.

With respect to airport sector, since the PPI’s beginning, the airports of Fortaleza, Salvador, Porto Alegre and Florianópolis have been auctioned, and a new round of concessions is also being studied, including the planning of a first public private partnership.

To obtain more information and see the complete list of projects, please access the PPI’s website:

Thus, the Brazilian Government has endeavored its efforts to warm the infrastructure sectors with the aim of expanding the options of domestic and foreign investors and moving Brazilian economy and development.

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