Tiago Lobão Cosenza

Tiago Lobão Cosenza

Practice Areas


Administrative Law, Regulatory bodies, Environmental Law, Commercial Law and Contracts, Consumer Law, Energy, Infrastructure.


Phone number: +55 11 3847 3901


Business Public Law – consultancy and business restructuring with the Government; representation before the municipal, state and federal regulatory bodies.

He has a vast experience in advising on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model and in auctions and public tenders. He provides legal advice from the analysis of the invitations to bid, the draft of the proposals to the signature of the contracts. He advises on due diligences in M&A processes as to Administrative, Environmental and Regulatory Laws.

He is a lecturer in Power Regulation courses and lectures. Also, he is an author of several articles published in newspapers, magazines and websites specialized in infrastructure sector.

As a lawyer of Leite, Tosto e Barros, he has participated in high-complex lawsuits before regulatory bodies, such as capital reduction, infrastructure sharing, financial, economic rebalancing of agreements, credit recovery and others. He has also participated in some acquisitions of power companies within and outside Brazil.

Educational Background

He has taken his undergraduate degree in Law at UNESA in Nova Friburgo/RJ and specialized in Consumer Law and Civil Liability at UNISA/RJ. Also, he has held a MBA in Business and Regulatory Law at FGV/RJ and attended Sanitation, Power Regulation and Infrastructure courses.

Other Activities

He is a member of the ABDIB (Brazilian Association of the Infrastructure and Primary Industry) committees, such as Power Generation Committee, Power Transmission Committee and Basic Sanitation Committee. He leads the project called Six Sigma Operational Excellence, Strategic Sourcing – Green Belt.


Portuguese and Spanish.
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