Cristiana Castro

Cristiana Castro

Practice Areas


Administrative Law, Regulatory bodies, Energy, Infrastructure.


Phone number: +55 11 3847 3949


She has started her career in the Concessionaire of the Anhanguera Bandeirantes (Autoban) System. She has worked in Paris/France at the Cabinet François Serres & Associates and, when returning to Brazil, in renowned Brazilian law firms, mainly on Public Law, until joining the LTB’s team.

She is particularly active in Consulting area with a view to drafting opinions and invitations to bid, checking bidding documents, devising projects and legal models, and liaising with the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero) in terms of proceedings and with the Accounting Court of the State and Municipality of São Paulo.

Over her career, she has participated in the legal advice of a foreign company for the biddings of the Ports of Santos, Vitória and Rio de Janeiro. She has advised domestic companies on the projects and biddings of the Mineirão and Castelão Stadiums, on the bidding for the public digital TV and on the Procedure of Expression of Interest (PMI) of the São Paulo’s Metro Line 6.

Educational Background

She has held her undergraduate degree in Law at UNIP/Campinas and her graduate degree in Public Law at Université Paris 12 – Val de Marne/France. Also, she has held her master’s degree in Economic Public Law at Université Paris I Sorbonne/France and earned her LLM in Corporate Law at Insper/SP.


Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.
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